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Stop dieting for good!

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

How many diets have you tried?

How many diets have you stuck with?

What happened after you quit your diet?

When will you stop dieting?


  1. RESTRICTION only made me crave more of what I couldn’t have. If you told me I couldn’t have any carbs, I only wanted them more, or thought about them more.  If I couldn’t have an AVOCADO because it had too much FAT…I’d die!! Kidding, but that diet wouldn’t last a day. If I had to count everything that went in my mouth, I became obsessive. I could think of nothing else besides what I was going to eat next and how much it was and then I’d do the math and calculate what I had left and I’d feel deprived and upset. It was a vicious cycle.

  2. How long can you DIET for? A week? A month? When do you stop? Yes, I know…you “gradually come off” and then guess what, your weight “gradually comes back too”. How many of you have been on a diet and lost a lot of weight and gained it back? So that diet worked or it didn’t?? I’ve seen too many clients lose weight and pack it back on after their diet.

  3. I’ve had a PERSONAL struggle going on with myself for years because I’m a #fitness professional and I didn’t have a DIET PLAN that I 100% backed or that I encouraged my clients to follow. How could I tell them to eat a certain way if I didn’t eat like that myself? It would be IN-AUTHENTIC. I eat EVERYTHING (in moderation), so how can I advocate cutting certain things that I enjoy? I certainly figured out how to eat within reason and stay fit. Why can’t I TEACH MY CLIENTS to do the same? I CAN!

I AM SO EXCITED to have launched my intensive 6-WEEK Mind & Body RESET #Challenge

This will be for Moms who:

are SICK of DIETING! Have no TIME to themselves. Don’t want to LIMIT themselves. Want to feel HAPPY & CONFIDENT again. Need ONE on ONE attention. Want to ACCOMPLISH more in life.

If you are ready for a total reset, this program is for you! Get started now. I can’t wait to work with you!

Questions? Email me I love hearing from you!

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