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Why You Can't Loose Weight

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Why can’t you lose weight? Or any other why for that matter… Why can’t I be successful in my business? Why can’t I run? Why can’t I seem to look like her?

Can you think of a person who lost a lot of weight in a short time? We all know someone right? We immediately ask, “What did you do?” “How did you do it?” And then we think…. “If they can do it, maybe I can to!” So we try. We try and we fail. Why? A couple reasons.

  1. Just because a program is right for one person, doesn’t mean it’s right for you! We are all so unique. One person might be fine eating burgers and steak all day every day, but what if you’re not a meat eater? Will you be okay eating like that? What if you hate counting? Will you be okay counting and tracking every morsel you put in your mouth? Don’t do what someone else does just because it worked for them. These radical changes most the time are RADICAL! You have to completely change your way of living or eating to lose this weight. Which leads me to #2.

  2. Diets aren’t for life. How long can you survive a diet?? There are so many trendy diets out there. People ask me all the time what I think of them. My answer? What do you think? Will you like to eat that way? If the answer is no, then, NO, I don’t think it’s good for you. Have you ever been on a diet where you can’t have alcohol, sugar, carbs, dairy, etc, etc? You are a raging b*tch every day and two weeks later and you step on the scale to have lost .2 pounds! So what do we do? We give up. We say F-it!! Done. Back to my old ways. So why does it have to be so drastic? The answer? We are freaking so impatient!!! 

I’ve struggled for a long time with this in my coaching career. I always think I have to have a #nutrition program. I have to go with one of the trendy diets out there and stick to it. This is what most trainers do. Keto, Paleo, 21 day fix, 3 shakes a day, 30 day blah blah blah blah. You put your clients on it and if they stick to the rules, they will #transform. But what if they fail? Are they doomed for life? They just keep telling themselves they are failures and they can’t be fit and #healthy.

I don’t eat any of these one ways myself. I love food! I love drinks! I love variety! I love #salads and veggies and love love green #smoothies, but now and then I wanna have a freaking delicious steak! I wanna eat a big piece of chocolate cake, and I want a cold beer!  If I teach and train only one way of eating, I’m going to limit who I can work with. I can’t work with a vegetarian if I only train to eat paleo.

Why does it have to be one way?

IT DOESN’T. What does need to happen? You have to make a DECISION. A COMMITMENT. You have to want change and you have to have DISCIPLINE. You have to eat clean and whole most of the time. You have to eat more good than bad. You have to workout more days than not. It’s all up to you. The problem is that we all want EASY!! There is no easy when it comes to losing weight or getting in the best shape of your life. If you are looking for that. Good luck. I can talk to you again in 5 years and  you will be right here where I left you… although probably worse off.

Ask any long time fit and healthy person what diet they are on. Ask a person who has been fit and healthy for a decade. Someone in their 50’s who’s happy, healthy, and successful. I bet you 9/10 will tell you they are not on a “diet” or a “program”. I bet they will tell you, “I eat well and exercise every day.” They don’t drink 3 shakes a day, they don’t take a magic pill that keeps them fit, they don’t workout for 3 hours a day. And I bet they don’t even have to completely give up the foods they love! I bet they eat cake at a party, drink beer at a baseball game, and have a fat burger on the weekend. But I guarantee you they don’t go through the drive through every night. They are consistent with more good than bad. They have disciplines and daily routines that over time have gotten them and kept them in the best shape. Hard work is hard work. You didn’t gain 20 pounds in 2 months and you won’t lose it in two months either. What will you change?

Slight Change + Time = Big Results

If your goal in the long run is to lose weight…what’s one small commitment you can make TODAY that will get you closer to that goal? Can you #workout for 20 minutes every day? Can you eliminate soda from your life? Can you have a big salad for lunch every day for the next 3 months? Don’t try all of these at once…. pick ONE! I know, you’re thinking… well that won’t do much. Yes, it will if you commit to it over time, but the vast majority of people can’t commit to something even this small for 3-6 months, so how would they ever survive drastic change for this long?

New Year’s Resolutions….how many of those are still around in April or May? About 3%. Why? They were not specific enough, they were too drastic, or we don’t have the discipline. I am going to lose 20 lbs isn’t a specific goal. A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Your goal could look like this… I want to lose weight. I’m going to walk for 20 minutes at lunch 5 days a week for the next 3 months. Once you can accomplish and make this goal a habit, then you can add the next. I’m going to drink 100oz of water every day for the next 3 months. Make a calendar. Get a big ass water bottle. Sit it on your desk. Mark off the days. You can’t fail if you have a plan.

What will happen over that year? Guarantee you will have success in losing some of that weight. You can start today or you can look back next year with regret. Change is still change. You didn’t gain the weight in two months, so why expect it to come off in two months. I’m sorry to tell you that this is going to take time and work. It’s the only real way. Pick up the book “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson. This idea will help you not only in weight loss or lifestyle, but can be applied to any area of your life! Business, personal development, relationships, etc. 

How My Challenges Work

I know it can be scary to make a commitment. Fear is what keeps most people right where they are. Fear keeps you in your comfort zone, which is probably where you have adopted most of your bad or unhealthy habits anyway. You have to step out of your comfort zone to make change. You have to face fears and get uncomfortable to make any real change. That’s why this is a challenge! Challenge yourself to being vulnerable and making this commitment. This challenge will give you:

  • A support group of like minded moms with similar goals

  • Accountability to do the things you said you would do on a daily basis.

  • Teach you how to eat clean and why it’s the best way

  • Give you workout ideas and teach you to get moving

  • A commitment to yourself. You can’t turn back! Commit 60 days to focusing on you and your goal.

You can start the 60 Day Challenge now. You will be successful if you DECIDE to be successful. You must DECIDE and COMMIT. You will definitely have to work though. Nothing comes without work.

If you’re in…check out the 60 Day Challenge and get started today!

“I help busy moms create the lifestyle they want so they can lead healthy families and have a happy life!”

See you soon Momma!

Questions? Email me I love hearing from you!

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